When it comes to renting speakers and subwoofers New England Audio Rental offers the best brands. JBL, EV and BEHRINGER just to name a few. We maintain all of our speakers so they are in optimal working order. As the technology advances we update our powered speakers to make sure our customers have the very best quality products.




Simply attach your MP3 player via bluetooth, musical instruments or the included microphone and you're ready to rock. A long-lasting rechargeable battery, a high-efficiency amplifier with four inputs, sturdy aluminum construction and portable design, ensures the TransActive Mobile can be taken anywhere and everywhere.



The TS112W is a professional active loudspeaker equipped with 800 watts, a 12” woofer and a 1” compression driver. It features all of the connections you need to hook up using traditional cables, but it additionally delivers clean, crystal clear sound using your iPad, iPhone or other Bluetooth-compatible device such as a laptop computer. Whether you use it in a permanent sound reinforcement installation or as a portable PA, you'll have versatile loudspeaker that can handle small to mid-size venues, and play music from your phone at the after party. Or you can broadcast your phone messages to everyone at the gig. The TS112W provides exceptionally clean, transparent sound from wired or wireless sources.


Part of Electro-Voice's Live X series, the ELX112P Active Loudspeaker is designed with an Electro-Voice-engineered 12" woofer and 1.5" titanium compression driver. This self-contained powered system features components optimized for use with its integrated high-efficiency 1000W Class-D amplifier. The ELX112P has a bi-amplified design with 24dB/octave filter slopes and transducer protection, a selectable 100Hz high-pass filter for use with an external subwoofer, and exceptional crossover performance. It is easy to connect with 2 XLR/TRS combo jacks, 1 stereo RCA, and an XLR Link output, and has intuitive amplifier controls.



The Behringer B1800D-Pro Active Subwoofer is a compact and powerful subwoofer speaker rated at 1400 watts (peak), and features a class-D amplifier, active crossover and 18" long-excursion driver. The B1800D-Pro delivers bass with thunderous results and pristine audio fidelity. The rear panel features balanced XLR input and thru connections, controls for crossover frequency and level. Mobile DJ work, houses-of-worship, bars and nightclub sound are among some of the many applications the B1800D-Pro is more than suited for.


A dual 18" high power subwoofer system in a front-loaded, vented enclosure designed for maximum low-frequency performance. The STX828 has an optional wheel kit. Two drivers give 2,000 watts of continuous pink noise power handling, 4kW program and 8 kW peak.


Addressing the growing need for a small format professional sound system, JBL developed the VRX932 Constant Curvature Line Arrays for sound rental companies, fixed installations, Musicians and DJ's looking for the ultimate in performance and portability. It is affordable, flexible and provides outstanding coverage and coherence. The VRX932 series shares components with the JBL VERTEC® Line Array Series, the worldwide touring industry standard. It is perfectly suited for use in smaller venues and small to medium sound reinforcement projects. Delivering extraordinary power handling, clarity and flexibility, the VRX900 Line Array speakers feature the hallmark of all JBL products - Stunning, legendary JBL sound.